VBA Access Application   





Welcome to MyVBAclub! This is a community site for people interested in building microsoft access application using Visual Basic for Application, or simply VBA.

What is VBA
VBA is an even-driven programming language which is built into most Microsoft Office application. If you have microsoft office application installed in your computer, then you will also have VBA.

VBA can be used to control microsoft access' functionality. It can also be used to control other program's functionality such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

VBA in Access is great tool to automate the process and solving the database task.

How we could use VBA
In order to create a VBA Program, there are two ways which you could program Access VBA. The first one is to place a control (e.q. button, text box, label) on the form and start programming by double clicking the control, another one is to write Visual Basic functions inside the VB Editor.

Currently I use access 2003. Hopefuly someday in the future i would have enough time to create the same tutorial using access 2007.