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Criteria of a good login form.


The good login form is the one with the following Criteria:


The program has to be able to force its user to enter both user name and password. It has to send message to its user whenever one of those control box is empty. Without both information, the program don’t allow people to enter.


Prevent bruteforce

Brute force is an activity where a user try to enter all possible user name and password over and over again. We need to prevent this to happen by closing down the application after some attempt. We will create a sub routine to perform that specific task.


Encrypted user's password

You will need (at least) to encrypt the user’s password using one way encryption technique. To do this is easy, just add a small procedure in our database module and than call that procedure each time a user logging in. And each time an admin creates new user.


Disable/Enable Shift Bypass.

Access has a bypass key that allows them to “skip” the startup procedures. By holding down [Shift] as they open the database, they will often be able to see sensitive information in our table and also code. We don’t want that to happen. We need to prevent user to bypass the access startup procedure. On the other hand, we still need to be able to bypass the procedure so that we can do our programming need..


Automatic update

Let’s say we built a client/server application. And let’s say we distributed our application to users. Suddenly we realize that we need to add some feature to our program. Then ,it will be a hard work if we have to go to each user’s computer and do the update one by one. We need a way to automate the update process.


Hidden Table

In order to secure our database from solicited user, we need to hide our table. A special “hiding” sub routine will have to be ran during the application initialization/loading process. I will show you that simple routine.



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